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Fast COVID 19 Test Results In Baltimore, Maryland

Our laboratory, New Discovery Labs, is committed to providing you with fast (same day & next day) COVID-19 test results without long wait times. Below are some of our frequently asked questions to help you understand the process. Please carefully read the information below to understand how our COVID test works and to book an appointment for your test. You can also visit our website ( or give us a call at 443-721-6323 for assistance with booking an appointment online.

How can I get fast COVID-19 test results near the Baltimore, MD area?

Our laboratory offers PCR same day and next day COVID 19 test results for patients. We are a self-pay service. This helps us expedite the testing process. You can get started by booking an appointment with us by clicking here or calling us at 443-721-6323. You can also visit our website ( for more information. We are conveniently located near downtown Baltimore, only minutes away from D.C., Annapolis, Ellicott City, and Owings Mills.

What is the turnaround time for COVID-19 test results?

PCR Test Results

1. Same-day (samples must be in by 11:30 AM)

2. Next-day (samples must be in by 12:30 PM)

Same-day results are available by 9:30 PM on the same day as the sample collection. Next day results are generally available by 7:00 PM the day after the sample collection.

How do I receive my COVID 19 test results?

Results are delivered electronically (PDF format) in Patient Portal. New patients create an account after reserving an appointment online. Instructions are provided during the registration process.

I need COVID 19 test results for travel. How do I get the proper documentation and information (passport number, QR code, etc) on my test report?

The test report will be available through the Patient Portal as mentioned above. If there needs to be special information on the result report (i.e. passport number, etc) and/or a stamp, please email us at and it will be added to your report for free.

The following information is included on our reports that is relevant for travel purpose:

- Patient Name and Date of Birth

- Time of sample collection

- Type of test performed

- Results

- QR Code

- Passport Number and/or stamp (on special request as mentioned above)

How does the process work for COVID 19 test?

Step 1: Register online for the test by filling out your information using this link. You will receive an email from us with details soon after you submit the registration. An appointment is required for a test. Please call us at 443-721-6323 if you are having trouble with booking an appointment.

Step 2: Arrive at the collection site during your time slot. Park in a reserved spot outside of our facility and remain in your car. You will be guided by a trained professional for self collection. This process will take no longer than a few minutes.

Step 3: You will be notified by email when the results become available in the secure Patient Portal.

How much does the COVID 19 tests cost?

Visit and scroll down to "Pricing" for updated prices for each Covid test.

Self-pay option only. FSA/HSA accepted. Insurance not accepted currently. Itemized receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement purposes if a doctor's note is provided.

How can I pay for the test?

Payments are accepted via credit card, debit card or FSA/HSA card payments. A non-refundable reservation fee of $30 is required to book an appointment. The remaining balance is paid in person at the time of appointment.

How is my COVID-19 sample collected?

CDC guidelines are followed for self-collection of samples. Samples are self-collected under the supervision of a trained professional. You will be guided to swab both of your nostrils for appropriate sample collection.

Where is your COVID 19 testing site located in Maryland?

The sample collection facility of the lab is located at 2713 Boston Street, Baltimore, MD 21224.

Can you come to me for COVID 19 sample collection near Baltimore, Maryland?

We can come to you for sample collection within a certain radius of our testing site. Please call or email us for details.

I am a business and would like to have my employees tested for COVID-19. How does the process work?

We offer special bulk pricing for businesses and create a testing routine that is suitable for your business. Please visit or call us at 443-721-6323 for more information about how we can help you.

For any other questions you may have about getting a COVID 19 test, please give us a call at 443-721-6323 or visit our website at .


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